7 May – My solitude insists upon returning

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The year 2020 seems a long time ago now. It was the year some thought the world had ended, because their favourite TV show went on hiatus. There were, of course, far more serious things going on. But we’re hear to celebrate Eurovision.

One of that elite bunch who won a ticket in 2020 but then didn’t get the gig in 2021 was today’s birthday girl (Maria) Elisa Silva. She’s Portuguese, if you hadn’t noticed, and went through the but-throat motions of a Festival da Canção only to have her fun spoilt. She’d won FdC at a canter, scoring the maxima in both the semi and grand final shows. It might even have been more convincing had it not been for the Lisbon area jury. Anyhow, RTP picked someone else in 2021, meaning Elisa may never have got the exposure she deserved. So here she is, to hopefully right some of that wrong.

Elisa is 25 today.

Feliz aniversario, Elisa

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