9 September – In our mouth a rowdy craving for fig, papaya and guarana

Portugal? Why have they only had one win? They have a Latin-based language so some nations can ‘sort of’ understand them. It’s warm and sunny, and who doesn’t love a bit of warmth and sun, especially if you’re northern.

Aside from Portugal’s one win, what’s their highest finish? Well, it’s sixth, and was achieved by today’s birthday girl Ana Lúcia Pereira Moniz, thankfully known as Lúcia Moniz to us. It was 1996, and she’d already got through a semi-final of sorts. Then she got to Oslo and wowed the juries with her backing singers and her cavaquinho – what could go wrong when you’re singing and playing at the same time. She even got – get this – two maxima! That was a rarity for her country before 2017. So behold Portugal’s best-ever non-winning entry.

Lúcia is 44 today.

Feliz aniversario, Lúcia!

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