Portugal – RTP and total Lies

Well I managed to run between the press centre and the Portuguese reherasal. Good job too – because I, dear viewer, got accosted by RTP and asked to do an interview. Bearing in mind that I did not see the preview, and only saw their rehearsal once, I did what any reputable journalist would do with a national broadcaster would do – Tell them what they wanted to hear: “the song is good, many journalists think it will not qualify, but on that performance, it should do well”. To the derision of messers Delaney and Franko who laffed all the way through.

The song itself is, well, different. It starts with a back-flipping woman, and that, unfortunately, is the highlight of it. Their voices are not matched for the song or the performance, it has lots of choreography, but beyond that, despite what I told RTP, not much of a hope unfortunately.