1 February – I come from afar, from afar, to you

We’ve made it through January. Are you pleased? It means we’re a month closer to our favourite TV show. Are you getting excited? Has your favourite country picked its song yet? Or do you have a favourite already?

With thirty-seven countries this year, it could be that one could win for the first time. Sadly it won’t be Romania. On that tenuous link, today’s birthday girl Nicoleta ‘Nico’ Matei hails from that country. She did her stuff with Vlad Miriță and their song was the last ever Romanian one not to use English during its three minutes. It sort of worked, as they made the final and then had the ‘honour’ of performing first. At least they got it out of the way and had first choice in the Green Room bar.

Nico is 54 today.

La mulți ani, Nico!