16 January – Nobody’s gonna like it

If you were to take part in our favourite TV show as a singer, would you use your own name, or would you use a pseudonym. A stage name, if you will. It’s proved quite successful down the years from the first winner (in 1956 if you were confused).

Today’s birthday boy Wrs obviously wasn’t born with those three letters as his only name. That would be daft. As Andrei-Ionuț Ursu he maybe decided that for the European market he needed something short and punchy. In May 2022, he rolled up in Turin with the usual high hopes. His progressive staging earned him a place in the Grand Final, and the mischievous powers-that-be decided to put him on second. We all know the stories about performing in that position proved true – yet again – and he finished 18th. Mainly thanks to the discerning televoters.

WRS is 30 today.

La mulți ani, WRS!

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