18 February – Like a diamond in the light

Stage performances come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just the singer, with backdrop, giving us a simple song. Others use cowbells, Alpen horns, costume changes, or even children (pre 1989).

Today’s birthday Florin Cezar Ouatu tried a different tack. He stood still whilst his set changed around him. Then as a pièce de resistence, he rose from the stage. Cunning, eh? Well it would have been, if it wasn’t for another performer from a neighbouring country did the exact same thing. But enough of Aliona. Cezar sailed through his semi-final, and was pitted against Ms Moon in the Grand Final. She beat him, but didn’t stop him getting 10 points off her country. Strangely enough, we’ve never seen Cezar’s (or Aliona’s) trick since.

Cezar is 40 today.

La mulți ani, Cezar!