2 August – I come from afar, from afar, to you

Duets can often go one of two ways. Either the two protagonists have that invaluable chemistry that helps sell the song. Or they hate each other. We’ve seen plenty of both types on the Eurovision stage.

Today’s duo du jour probably falls into the former category, but you can be the judge. Today’s birthday boy Vlad Miriță – the one with the deeper voice – may have had some sort of rapport with his pal Nico. His choice of jacket and jeans is always a jarring look. Is it formal? Is it casual? Or business upstairs and party downstairs if you will. That’s actually a good analogy for our contest. Anyway, Vlad and Nico sailed through their semi-final, only to be drawn first in the Grand Final. Were they down about it? Well, they got first dibs at the Green Room bar after their performance. Maybe it’d mean the following hours became a little hazy. Party downstairs it was then.

Vlad is 39 today.

La multi ani, Vlad!

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