29 March – I am not asking for forgiveness for all I have done

We all have our favourite decades. I loved the 1980s, as they were my formative years. However, the 1990s aren’t without their charm, as it was then that we started to see our favourite TV show expand eastwards.

Whilst there was a show in Ljubljana in 1993, the big change happened in 1994, when we were in sunny Dublin. Twenty-five countries took part, with seven in a Saturday night final for the first time. Romania sent today’s birthday boy Dan Bittman, and he had high hopes – so high they were beyond the clouds. There was a runaway winner, but it was nip and tuck at the other end of the table too. Eight points separated six countries down there, and Dan finished 21st. Still, he was the first Saturday night Romanian, and for that we are very thankful.

Dan is 58 today.

La mulți ani, Dan!