30 July – My hips are ready to glow

When the weekend comes, what do you like to do? Do you start it with gin, tonic and lime? Do you hit the gym? Or do you work until late into the evening because you love your job so much?

Today’s birthday girl Elena Gheorghe prefers the alcoholic option. Maybe she has a tough week and its her way to relax before she hits the town with her fellow Balkan girls Flavia, Andreea, Liliana, Roxana and Lucia. It’s one way, and this site advocates drinking responsibly. Well, doing everything responsibly really. Anyway, Elena made it through her semi-final and held her own in the Grand Final in M*sc*w. She got one 12, but might have got more if she’d changed gin to vodka. After all, vodka tonic and line might be far more apt in R*ss*a.

Elena is 37 today.

La multi ani Elena!