4 December – Was our love only a foolish lie?

What’s your favourite ever Eurovision duet? Is it one from the 1950s when the two protagonists smooched for a little longer than was good for them? Or a pleasant little ditty that won in 1994? There are so many to choose from.

A little later than the two mentioned above, and we were in Tallinn, where the sun never seemed to set. Today’s birthday boy Marcel Pavel teamed up with his pal Monica Anghel with a duet full of power and emotion. They were – arguably – the two best performers of the night, even if we knew they were unlikely to win. As things turned out, they gave TVR and Romania their best ever finish at that point. They even got a couple of maxima. We’re still awaiting that first Eurovision in Romania. Could another duet do it for them?

Marcel is 63 today.

La multi ani, Marcel!