The Russian grannies – as funny as anal warts

Will someone please explain to me why this isn’t unmitigated awfulness?!  I’m watching this and thinking logically “Who on earth is going to vote for this crap?” – then I remember Scooch and all the other shit that has gone before.  I really really hope this falls flat on its arse.

There is nothing redeeming about six elderly women on stage singing the same riff for three minutes.  I know people will tell me it should do well, and people that ought to know better love this song….

And yet, I am seeing it as a pathetic, sad attempt to “be funny” – It’s as funny as anal warts.


  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, say it, this is the kind of pish that Antoine de Caunes was pointing at and laughing at on Eurotrash on Channel 4 in the nineties.

    However, if Verka Seduchka can come second, then anything is possible!!

    • I had an anal wart once. His name was Stephen. He ended up doing stand-up at the Edinburgh fringe. A very funny wart. I miss him.

  2. Charm my arse. They invite a global audience of 400 people to their party and they make ONE pie. That’s rude, and it’s woefully poor planning.

    Fortunately, the Farmhouse Kitchen Party Cookbook is still available in all good bookstores for just £1.95, or you can order your copy from Yorkshire Television at the usual address.

  3. As someone who’s had anal warts, I can confirm that the nans are fuppin’ boss!

    It’s not supposed to be funny, it’s called charm, sir. The bucket was clearly leaking the day they offered that round in Stoke…

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