14 April – Let’s illuminate the night

If you keep an eye on the wider Eurovision family, you’ll know about the Junior version. We’ve already seen some Junior stars make it to the big contest, and one day we may see someone who wins them both.

Back in 2015, San Marino sent a duo, one of whom had performed at the previous JESC. Today’s birthday girl Anita Simoncini was part of the Peppermints, and them SMRTV picked her to sing with Michele Perniola. Anita was, at the time, the person born nearest the end of the 20th Century to participate. As we know, San Marino is sometimes overlooked when it comes to picking favourites, and 2015 appears to have been no exception. Our dynamic duo didn’t come last in their semi, and still scored points from two juries. Who knows, with the theme of this song being hope, it might have fared better today.

Anita is 25 today.

Buon compleanno, Anita!

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