7 February – Together we can make it through the night

Who doesn’t love a duo? After all, with two singers for the price of one, you’re bound to connect with at least 50% of the singers trying to sell you a song.

Our friends in San Marino have tried a few different approaches in their time. Or they’ve asked a certain Ms Monetta. So how can you improve on the lovely Val? Pair her up with today’s birthday boy Jimmie Wilson of course. What could possibly possibly go wrong? Did Jimmie know what he was letting himself in for? Kyiv for a start, and a gaggle of interesting people asking him the same questions. By all accounts he enjoyed the two weeks, even if the Most Serene Republic didn’t quite get the result is wanted. Well, they did get a point from Germany.

Jimmie is 42 today.

Buon compleanno, Jimmie!