18 May – Reason sleeps while the world is burning

We love our song contest. Sometimes what is performed is clearly a song. But sometimes it’s a whole performance. More bang for your buck, as it were.

In 2023, Serbia sent today’s birthday Лук Блек/Luke Black (née Лука Ивановић/Luka Ivanović), who had been studying in London before RTS picked him to try and achieve Serbia’s second win. His act was memorable for its performance, a large pod and clutch of dancers. It qualified, maybe not as easily as expected, but at least he made it. Once there, his show was maybe a little too out there to gain more than 30 points he got in the Grand Final. But it’s a performance you won’t forget.

Luke is 34 today.

Срећан рођендан, Луке!

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