20 April – My old shoe has seen half the world

Do you have countries out there who you really think can do no wrong? You stand by all of their songs, however popular they are with the fans and general public? Or can your favourite country have an off year?

Our friends in Serbia have generally done quite well with getting out of cut-throat semi-finals. Eleven success out of 14 is pretty good. But that means three songs languished and failed to proceed. The first one of these came from today’s birthday boy Марко Кон/Marko Kon with his pal Милаан/Milaan. Hos was a quirky song and not the usual Adriatic ballad we’d become used to. Perhaps singing about footwear was his undoing. To be fair, he actually finished 10th in his semi, but was bounced out by the juries’ lucky loser. These things happen. But there is a strange coincidence. Another performer shares not only Marko’s exact birthday but his birth city too. That other performer has had far better success over the years. But the other performer didn’t sing about shoes.

Marko is 51 today.

Срећан рођендан, Марко!