21 December – It was a warm midsummer night

Do you wonder why some songs change the language they’re sing in between the selection and the contest? It could be because of the worry that a language might not sound right to a wider audience.

It can sometimes work, but can – sometimes – produce noteworthy song titles. Today’s birthday girl Karmen Stavec changed her song in 2003 from Lep poletni dan in Slovene to Nanana in English. We’re assured the English title doesn’t rhyme with banana. She had the honour of being the first ever song to be performed 26th in a Saturday night show, and there’s since become an argument that performing last after so many songs isn’t an advantage. Karmen finished 23rd. No matter, not many people can carry off pink like Karmen, and that’s only a good thing.

Karmen is 50 today.

Vse najboljše, Karmen!