10 September – Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

No country currently taking part (that’s previously won) has been waiting longer for their next win than Spain. It’s over 50 years since they topped the rankings, a year after their previous win. But at least they’re trying.

One of those unsuccessful attempts came from today’s birthday boy José María Bacchelli Ortega, known to his mates as Bacchelli. A Spanish was was still a relatively recent memory when he sang in 1981. Needless to say, Bacchelli didn’t win in Dublin, even with his bouncy little number and very active backing singers. And he had a natty double-breasted white jacket. A recipe for a win, no? He finished 14th after battling a number of countries around him. He could easily have been top 10 with, well, not many more points. Bacchelli is in good company, with an ever expanding membership. Until, maybe, 2022.

Bacchelli is 69 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Bacchelli!

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