16 January – So you can step into life with a smile

Did you know that our favourite TV show has a global reach. Outside of Europe and Mediterranean, it’s known in Asia, Africa, Australia and even the Americas. People from the ‘New World’ have even taken part.

We know of winners from Canada, but today’s birthday girl Betty Missiego (née Beatriz Teresa Missiego Campos) comes from Peru. She no holds dual Peruvian-Spanish nationality, but it proves anyone can take part, and even come second. Betty is also in a very exclusive club of finishing second to the host country’s performer. Coincidentally, the previous time the host nation had won (and not shared), Spain also came second. Anyway, South American Betty took a European song to an Asian country, and gave Israel a run for their money. She got four maxima, and it might have been because four juries didn’t vote for her that she lost. Those four countries should – perhaps – be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Betty is 83 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Betty!