2 April – He intends to be my owner

It’s noticeable that Eurovision song titles are getting shorter. Year after year we get these one-word titles, with the word in question often buried deeply in the lyric of the song. It’s as if there’s no imagination.

But these one-word titles have been around for ever. In 1982, we got one of the shortest ever Eurovision song titles. It came from today’s birthday girl Lucía (née María Isabel Lineros Rodríguez). Her song – Él – drew a bit of controversy due to a certain South Atlantic conflict around the time of the Harrogate contest, as her song was thick with tango. Her song finished 10th and even got 10 points from one jury. And young Lucís may have been the first named Eurovision performer born in the 1960s. So even if she didn’t win, she still has something to be proud about.

Lucía is 57 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Lucía!