22 July – I prefer the eloquence of a silence

It’s always a curious mix of countries in our favourite TV show. We have the 21st Century newbies, to those that have racked up 50 appearances or more. So it follows that, occasionally, we pick songs from times before you, dear reader, were even born.

On that note, we go back to 1976. The circus was in the Netherlands (remember them?), and 18 countries took part. Simpler times. Spain sent today’s birthday boy Braulio (Antonio García Bautista) in a nice smart suit (why can’t 21st century singers dress to well?). He must have hoped it would help him. Unfortunately, it was a stronger field than Braulio was expecting and he only managed a 16th place. Would it be right to say it was Spain’s worst performance until 1983? Maybe not. But Braulio did score off five countries. And he did have a nice blue suit.

Braulio is 74 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Braulio!

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