27 October – My path lights up if you look at me again

The Big Five qualifying for the Grand Final can be a contentious thing. But there are reasons why they’re there, not least because they’ve been taking part since the very early days. The most recent débutante of the Big Five is Spain.

That début came in 1961, and today’s birthday girl Conchita Bautista – no, not that Conchita (née María Concepción Bautista Fernández) sang a very Spanish song, replete with an outfit to show off where she came from. She was even first on, so at least she was able to be the first at the backstage bar at the Cannes Palais de Féstivals. She finished ninth in this attempt. The less said about her second attempt four years later the better. But she will always be a Spanish trailblazer.

Conchita is 85 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Conchita!