28 July – Mami’s here The queen, the strongest, a Bugatti

Do you love hype? That thing where a tune ends up being secondary to the personality that’s singing it? Or that thing when the fannage have already decided a certain song has won four weeks before that Grand Final?

In other news, our friends in Spain haven’t won in over 50 years. Their wins came line buses – you wait years and then two come along almost at once. And RTVE try, oh how they try. But somehow they end up being the bridesmaid, or even a plain old usher. In 2022 we saw a new festival to pick the Spanish song, and it was won by today’s birthday girl Chanel Terrero Martínez. Her lot was a painful one, as we did already have a fair idea of who would win in Torino/Turin. So who would finish second? Anyway, Chanel with her song that was choreographed to within a millimetre of its life gave a certain Iberian contingent hope. It was almost justified, as she came third with both the jury and the televote, and third overall. Going back to the bridesmaid analogy, maybe her outfit was a little too risqué for all but the most progressive of weddings after all.

Chanel is 32 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Silvia!

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