30 November – I wanted to find your footprints under your feet

If you’re a true fan of our favourite TV show, you’ll know that before 2004, there were two pre-selections that became the bloodbaths that we’re so used to now. In 1996, the pre-selection was only done in an audio stylee.

Audio meant that some deserving songs missed out, and some probably got through that potentially should have languished in the pre-selection. One of those that got through was by today’s birthday boy Antonio Carbonell Muñoz. He was chosen by Spain without the faff of Operación Triunfo, and RTVE must have thought they were onto a good thing when he made the big show in Oslo. He even qualified 14th. However, once that juries of Europe got hold of him they bounced Antonio down to 20th. It just goes to show that past performance is no guide to the future.

Antonio is 50 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Antonio!