6 January – You live, high voltage

We mentioned that some countries have gone from mediocre participants to challengers to a victory. There are of course countries that have gone the other way. They try and try, but their broadcaster relies on past glories.

It could be argued that our friends in Spain fall into this category. They try every year but seem to be hampered by the Big 5 thing. Only one of the Big 5 has won since we’ve had semi-finals. And only one has consistently good results. Anyway, back to Spain. Today’s birthday boy Miguel ‘Miki’ Núñez Pozo currently holds the title of last song performed in competition. He had to wait almost a whole fortnight before he got to sing in anger. His 22nd place was perhaps a little lower than expected, but he’ll probably have a party classic on his hands for years to come.

Miki is 24 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Miki!