Spain Chooses Chanel for Turin. well Spain didn’t but read on…..

So here we go then with the Spanish selection for Eurovision. Eight songs that have qualified from First and Second semi finals do battle in a death match, in order to represent Spain and finish in 20th place.

That might actually be a touch harsh because the eight songs that finally got through are, in the main, not too bad. In a show that was “scheduled” for 90 minutes (yeah, right), a jury of five professionals gave 50% of the vote and the other 50% was done through Televote and a demoscopic jury – representing the Spanish Population – though why you can’t just use that televote is beyond me.

There were also a lot of interval acts to pad out the evening. Pastora, Tiny Blas Canto, Mocedades and two people that none of us know from Operation Triumfo 2020.

The result, then, is below.

Song Performer(s) Jury Demoscopic Televote Total Psn
Calle de la llorería Rayden 37 15 15 67 4
Terra Tanxugueiras 30 30 30 90 3
Raffaella Varry Brava 25 12 18 55 6
SloMo Chanel 51 25 20 96 1
Ay mamá Rigoberta Bandini 46 20 25 91 2
Eco Xeinn 30 5 10 45 7
Quién lo diría Gonzalo Hermida 12 18 5 35 8
Secreto de agua Blanca Paloma 39 10 12 61 5


So, the third place song in the televote has won because of the weightings of the juries and not the televote. Will Spain be happy? – Will people ever decide that “Fuego” is a musical genre now? – Who knows but that voting sequence was actually quite tense.

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