Spain – Sit down and tell me all about it


It seems they have mocked up Miki’s house for the first minute of the scene as he walks through almost waking people up in the house and having a party. It’s all very colourful and normal…

And then they have shoved on stage a massive mannequin on stage and my first thought was “why?”. Apparently it’s shaking the house so the singers move back and forth but, if truth be told it’s a gimmick too far for this song because there is already so much colour and things on stage do you need something else?

Thirdly there is then a trick with Miki using a go pro to take pictures of the crowd that didn’t seem to work because, well, there wasn’t a crowd so I’m yet to be convinced about this. The performance on the whole is like a stream of consciousness without any punctuation and people are going to be assaulted by so much the average televoter’s brain is going to go “ping” and that’s going to be a massive problem.

They’ve taken a fun song and over produced it to shit.

But, and it’s a big but, Miki manages to pull all of these strands together to make it a coherent staging concept but there is *too* much in it and it looks messy.

Image Credits: RTVE.


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