29 October – Don’t say that it’s impossible ’cause I know it’s possible

Hold on folks, we have a Swedish birthday today. It’s not one of those Swedes who won our favourite TV show, although no doubt some fans out there think he should have done.

In 2011, today’s birthday boy Eric Saade/إريك سعادة became one of that illustrious club of ‘year too early’ performers. His country won the following year, but Eric had to make do with a third place. He did win his semi-final, so that sort of makes him a winner. And his trick of person in a glass box was also replicated two years later by someone who came second. But that glass box was obviously made of sterner stuff. Was Eric hard-done by with only a bronze medal? Do you think he might yet get another trip to some far-off city? Or were his escapades in Düsseldorf as far as it goes?

Eric is 31 today.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Eric!

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