Sweden – It’s just made me do a yawn


It’s not you Benjamin, it really is me. Although having said that, the song is generic to the point of me wanting to launch something at the TV in the press centre.

It appears he is singing in a 34,832,908-tube sun-bed of many colours, and someone in his team (or SVT) has decided that to connect with the audience at home you need to make this performance as unlike an auditorium show as possible – and more like a music video for the first 2:30 of the performance and then, and only then, will you know where he is.

It’s generic as hell, and still sounds like a song from an early Michael Jackson album, even down to the moonwalk … but there is something about it. Maybe it’s seeing a 19-year-old mincing about the stage. Maybe it’s the familiarity of the tune, or at least its vibe. Maybe it really is “cos Sweden innit”, but something about the whole package also feels contrived.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.