13 July – You, trainers of performing dogs, magicians, snake charmers

We always say anyone can win our favourite TV show. All it needs is a perfect storm of stuff, and even the country that normally stays in the semi-final can do well.

I say this because of what our friends in Switzerland did in Rotterdam. Third, just to remind you. And when was the last time Switzerland had a similar or better result? It was in 1993 when today’s birthday girl, Canadian Annie Cotton came third. It was in the days before semi-finals and the like. Nevertheless, the contest in Millstreet was the biggest ever, and no third placed song had beaten so many countries in the past. She scored off all but two countries, and got several maxima. Even though the Swiss haven’t had it all their own way since, enter a song like this, and who knows what could happen.

Annie is 47 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Frohe Geburtstag/Buon compleanno, Annie!

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