2 July – My call for you will be like a sunbeam

The 1970s. An interesting time when our contest was a light entertainment show and all done in one evening. And arguably the decade in which the greatest ever act to emerge, well, emerged.

It was 1974 and we were in Brighton. The first winners sent today’s birthday girl Piera Martell. She was up against a really tough field with an obvious winner from Sweden, plus big acts from several other countries. She was always going to find it tough and her little song yielded three points from three countries. She was in very good company as the songs either side of her, plus one other, scored the same amount. So when you watch songs from 1974, you probably don’t see Piera’s song very often.

Piera is 80 today.

Frohe Geburtstag/Bonne anniversaire/Buon compleanno, Piera!

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