20 April – We’ve seen stormy weather

Our continent is full of countries of all types. Monarchies, republics, and even principalities. But if you look hard enough, there’s a country that’s a confederation. How grand is that? A collection entities who stay together because they all get on.

That confederation is of course Switzerland, and they’ve been taking part since day one. Two renowned wins under their belts too. In these semi-final days, not many songs have made it to the Grand Final, giving them the chance for a third win. One that did make the Grand Final came from today’s birthday girl Anna Rossinelli. She made the short hop to Düsseldorf and surprised many by making the Grand Final, which is more than most Swiss acts managed since 2004. We won’t say where she finished in the Saturday night show, save to say she scored from three countries, none of them neighbours. Maybe they were just jealous they’re not confederations too.

Anna is 35 today.

Frohe Geburtstag/Bonne anniversaire/Buon compleanno, Anna!

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