21 April – Sometimes aeroplanes fall down from the sky

Do you love a good lyric? Something that really makes you think? Something nicely profound maybe? Or are you more a fan of a ‘la la la’ school of authorship?

In 2022, today’s birthday boy Marius Bear (né Marius Hügli) didn’t have far to travel from his native Switzerland. A very efficient train journey no doubt. He might have avoided the flying due to that killer line in his ballad. You’ll know the one we mean. His song was very much jury bait, amassing 90% of his semi-final points and 100% of his Grand Final points. Does that mean we need juries to give a balanced result? We may well find out in Liverpool.

Marius is 30 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Frohe Geburtstag/Buon compleanno, Marius!