3 November – I would like to stay with you looking into the sun

In those days before the free language, did you wish that your country could sing in any language it chose? Or do you think Eurovision should ditch the rule?

If you were Swiss, you had the choice of four languages to choose from, and the Confederation used all of them over the years. You might not associate Switzerland with Italian as much as French or German, but in 1968 they sent today’s birthday boy Gianni Mascolo, a Milanese who also took part in the Sanremo Festival in his time. He scored two points, all from Yugoslavia (remember them?), who were the last country to vote. The Netherlands and Finland can’t have been very pleased. Gianni was last heard of running a restaurant in London.

Gianni is 79 today.

Buon compleanno/Frohe Geburtstag/Bonne anniversaire, Gianni!