Switzerland – Cowbells, cheese and cuckoo clocks off the menu

Swiss Cheese

We published this last year, but no one cared!  – As it’s their final tonight, here’s a quick rundown of the finalists! – go on, check the Swiss Misses out.


After a pre-selection process that surely tested the patience of a good many saints, six performers have earned their stripes with a spot at Entscheidungsshow – the Swiss Eurovision Song Contest national final.

This year, it’s a joint affair with less emphasis on the regions. The aim being to reverse a dismal record at the contest and bring an end to a run of uninspired dirge. Swiss broadcasters joined forces and wisely stopped listening to the wisdom of the internet. Hardy jury members whittled down 160 entries into a shortlist of six. It’s the usual heady mix of talent show entrants, one returning act and a few minor Europop stars.

The Swiss national final, Entscheidungsshow, takes place in Zurich on 5 February.  SRF zwei will televise the show and a public televote will pick the winning entry.

Here are the ‘sound check’ versions of the finalists for your early listening pleasure:


Ginta Biku



Shana Pearson




What Phil wants to know is – why is Shana in her raincoat? – Is this going to be a complete shower?? and where are all the boys? – Surely the Swiss Misses can’t be the only ones with a voice? – no??

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