16 July – I feel so intoxicated

Do you think performers like to publicise the fact they’ve taken part in our favourite TV show? Do they make the most of it, or just pretend it never happened?

When they’re selected, they must think that they’ll never have a bigger audience to sing at us. And at least one person out there will think their song is the best of the year. Well, some enjoy their status, and will be there whenever a Eurovision disco pops up. Others decide to ignore it, maybe because they didn’t do that well. Today’s birthday boy Andy Abraham did make the Grand Final, but didn’t have that good a result. His points came from two countries and he finished level with two other countries from those points. However he came last of those three on countback. These days, you probably won’t see Andy at many Eurovision gatherings. He’s far too busy touring with 1970s and big band shows. Maybe he doesn’t need Eurovision in his life anymore.

Andy is 55 today.

Happy birthday, Andy!