2 November – Say a little prayer and sleep tonight

If you were an all-round entertainer, and an appearance in our favourite TV show was only one of the highlights of your career, would you embrace it, or try to shut it out?

Today’s birthday girl Samantha Janus (now Samantha Womack) has done plenty of things in her time. The British might remember her for her time in a major English soap opera. But way before that she went to a film studio Rome and ran the gauntlet of a certain host. She finished 10th, which was a disappointment for the UK of stuff in 1991, but they’d probably settle for that in the 21st Century. Anyway, undeterred, she’s since made her name as an actress. And Eurovision? Well, she probably talks very highly of it, like when she appeared at the Liverpool Euroclub.

Samantha is 51 today.

Happy birthday, Samantha!