28 November – Those girls I’d serenade

The ‘novelty’ song. Every contest has them. Just look at Carola. I joke. Carola has never been a novelty. But these songs sometimes do far better than expected. And some we can just point and laugh at.

I leave it to you to decide what is or is not a novelty song, apart from today’s choice. It comes from today’s birthday boy Darren ‘Daz’ Sampson. He was a whole enigma in Athens. How would he do? After the UK of stuff picked him some thought he would the saviour of the contest, while some thought his novelty song (or not) would do absolutely nothing. Naturally, he didn’t win, but he didn’t finish last either. Maybe the UK of stuff would kill to finish 19th these days.

Daz is 45 today.

Happy birthday, Daz!