6 October – When you fall I’ll be your parachute

You have to admire the United Kingdom of stuff. They have this glittering past of top three places that came to a juddering halt in 2002. With one obvious exception. They may have been overtaken by a number of events. Yet they still participate with enthusiasm.

After all, when the ‘lucky’ participant(s) will be performing in front of 100 million people – or more – it’s a chance you can’t really turn down. So every year these days many UK-ists aim for the top – some get the gig, get largely ignored and slip back into obscurity. It’s a shame really that the UK public don’t always appreciate what they go through. Today’s birthday boy Joe Woolford shared the work in 2016 with Jake Shakeshaft (snigger). Not surprisingly, Joe and Jake’s high point was at the contest (a maximum from Malta!), and they have more or less gone their separate ways since. Joe is now a swinger – with the Jack Pack.

Joe is 29 today.

Happy birthday, Joe!

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