It’s our time it’s our time

Jade Ewan

And so for only the second spine-tingling moment of this year’s contest. I’ve said all along that I thought the UK were a contender for the crown and my opinion has been reinforced by today’s rehearsal. Four violinists (two each in black and white) flank a hastily assembled staircase complete with banisters. Jade starts crouching at the top and walks down following the camera, strolling over to the piano which has obviously been set up for the arrival next week of Mr Lloyd-Webber. She’s been carefully choreographed both in her movements and her vocals and it shows. This along with France are the only two real professional performances I’ve seen this year and I suspect that the voting will reflect this. She hits all the high notes without overdoing it and smiles into the camera. The audience, even the non-British part are clearly excited and some of the Russian girls want to be photographed with my union flag.

Whether this wins or not is going depend heavily on what gets drawn in positions 22 and 24 in the final. If it’s a ballad then both are going to suffer. If it’s an uptempo one or a dull song then it’s game on. My union flag has accompanied me for only the second time since I’ve been doing this. I for one wouldn’t complain if I didn’t have to get on a plane next May for a change 🙂

EDIT: They have confirmed that Lloyd Webber will be playing piano during Jade’s performance for Eurovision. The UK press conference next Friday will also feature aforesaid Mr LW and Diane Warren and Graham Norton. It’s gonna be a treat!