Phil explains Eurovision 2008 – Why the UK didn’t win

Andy Abraham at Eurovision for the UK in 2008

Here’s why – they entered a dreadful song.

Brits can (and do) moan all we like about block voting but conveniently forget the following :

  1. Our song had no appeal. Unless you were Irish (who thought it third best) or if you belonged to a jury in San Marino (who thought it fifth best). Hardly the basis of a ‘hoo-har’ campaign.
  2. Terry Wogan saved this song himself – and then has the nerve to blame political voting
  3. It entered the charts at number 67, If it had appeal then surely our own public would buy it?
  4. The UK Press have conveniently forgotten that we gave twelve points to Cyprus in the semi-final and ten to Turkey, then twelve to Greece in the final. We probably ought to not shout too loudly about Diasporas when our own looks to be working just fine, thanks very much.

Andy Abrahams couldn’t even win ‘X Factor’, a fact that people seem to forget. And we’ve got ‘finger on the pulse’ spokesperson for modern music Cheryl Baker telling readers of the Mirror that the BBC should pull out. Has she not seen the show once since she won it? Back in the 1980s.

With few exceptions, the UK has done really badly at Eurovision for some years, we’ve ended the evening outside the top ten for the last fifteen years.

Don’t you think it’s about time that someone in charge realised that the song  still makes a difference, and that we need to start entering things that are … and here is a controversial statement … good?

When we’ve done that in the past, we end in the top five.