Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 37/37 – United Kingdom

As tradition is, and because it;s the last one alphabetically, we move to the home country, United Kingdom.  Olly Alexander has been pilloried by people that know no better and got really stressed out about it.  Then he gets here and opens his box o tricks and gives us – well – a Triga production made on your money because of the unique way the BBC is funded!

It is going to annoy people and get people talking in equal measure and, if anything, he’s been holding his best performances back for this week – again, not a bad thing.  It has all the elements of a good song, a good hook, a memorable tune, good vocals… It’s just… well.. a little bit too puffy even for the likes of me, and I like a bit of the old knob! – It’s still a light entertainment show when all is said and done and this *will* offend but, given the shit he has had to put up with, I say that is no bad thing. 

6 PointsIt won’t embarrass the UK, but it’s not going to set the scoreboard alight either.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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