Eurovision Countdown 24 – United Kingdom according to Mo

After one year of ‘getting it’, the BBC has returned to entering songs that offend nobody.

Songs that sound great and fit in just fine on radio playlists. Songs that tend to hover around the lower end of the scoreboard.

Kudos for landing someone viewers from foreign parts might have heard of, but saddling him with something that sounds like it’s been lifted from an early Pet Shop Boys album just isn’t good enough. There’s nothing here that Suri didn’t bring a few years back!

There’s a fair bit of fandom concern that Olly doesn’t have the greatest voice live, but this isn’t exactly the most complex of songs, and the backing track should help hide anything too off-key.

4 PointsThe staging could clinch a mid-table result – just take a quick look at what they lumbered Mae Martin with, and do the exact opposite.


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