United Kingdom – Yeah it’s ok

Joe and Jake at Eurovision

The same people in the press centre are saying the same old tired things about the UK….

They are missing something with this song… It’s good.  Very good… and considering we don’t know where it’s going to be positioned we don’t know what’s around it.  It looks good on stage, presented well on stage with 2 young lads bouncing over the stage.

The critics here are saying the same old tired responses ” Who will vote for it?” “it won’t sell well across Europe” “It’s not good enough?” – but the question I pose back is ” Why won’t people vote for it?” – People buy records from boy groups all the time! – The demographic they are aiming for will be in in Saturday Night ( Or Thursday or Tuesday when they perform it first), so people will, unlike other years, be used to it in the same way as the other Semi Finalists.

The Arguments that are used are tired and worn out.  This song is not about the end result, despite the fact it is in a contest, it is about a move away from the “querky” to the “Serious” and this does that.  Yes, it doesn’t have the instant appeal of, say, France or Russia, but people were saying the same about Blue and that finished 6th in the Televote.  People are still in the mindset of the 90’s Eurovision and until we can feel good about a decent entry in a contest full of average, we’er not going to move forward and that pains me.

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