11 April – The wind’s always there

We all know that the road to Eurovision is not always easy. All sorts of things can get in the way of that song a country selects for the hallowed stage in [insert city here].

It’s definitely true this year. As we know, there was a little business taking place in Ukraine. As a result, they’ll be sitting on the sidelines with the canapés and glasses of Prosecco for the other participants. It wasn’t the case last year when they sent Меловін/Mélovin (né Костянти́н Микола́йович Бочаро́в/Kostyantyn Mykolayovych Bocharov). He did the thing of closing semi-final two and opening the Grand Final. At least he didn’t need to wait long for his Green Room bubbly after his performance. In the Final, he did way way better with the televoters than those pesky jurors. But who doesn’t love a nice roaring fire? Or a coffin?

Mélovin is 22 today.

З днем народження, Меловін!