12 January – I’m like a butterfly

I may have said this before, but some songs in our favourite TV show always benefit from a prop. It doesn’t have to be a big prop, even a blindfold can suffice at times.

Sometimes, it does need to make an impression. And how you make the best of this prop is key. Being carried by a countryman who’s a good metre taller than you works. Making the camera shake works too. But you have to remember. If you’re standing on a rock, no matter how unrealistic it looks, don’t move. Today’s birthday girl Злата Леонідівна Огнєвіч/Zlata Leonidivna Ognevich (née Інна Леонідівна Бордюг/Inna Leonidivna Bordyuh) did all of this in 2013 – and moved a little too – and managed to finish third. Some countries would kill to finish third, but in 15 contests, hers has been bettered no less than four times.

Zlata is 33 today.

З днем народження, Злата!