18 October – Bom bom

What’s your favourite type of song? One where a singer stands still on stage, with a dark backdrop, and belts out a big beefy ballad? Or something a little more glitzy? Or three minutes of lunacy from Moldova?

Well today we have something that will keep you entertained. It’s no ballad that’s for sure. Today’s birthday girl Світлана Сергіївна Лобода/Svetlana Serhiivna Loboda mortgaged her home for her natty little machine that’s behind her. It does all manner of quirky stuff, and perhaps the centurions are part of the machine. And what’s wrong with a bit of mobile drumming. Nothing according to the voters of Europe, as she came twelfth. This performance truly has something for everyone. Слава Україні!

Svetlana is 41 today.

З днем народження, Світлана!