2 October – Let’s speak dance

Occasionally, a song comes along that gets under your skin. It’s not one you really like, as there are far better ones around. But You just can’t help yourself humming it in the shower, or at other inappropriate times.

Back in 2007, the contest was won by a ballad that wasn’t in English. Serbia rightly stormed to victory. In second place was the demure and understated figure of today’s birthday boy/girl Вєрка Сердючка/Verka Serduchka (né Андрі́й Миха́йлович Дани́лко/Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko). In any other year, Verka would have stormed to victory. It’s just that when you’re up against a quality ballad, you can only finish second at best. Nevertheless, only one country of 41 failed to score this song any points. That must suggest widespread appeal from Europe. It must have been the the silver. Next time, Verka needs to wear gold. Слава Україні!

Verka is 50 today.

З днем народження, Вєрку!