Three more songs make Vidbir final


The line-up for the Ukrainian Eurovision 2019 national selection is complete. This evening eight more acts performed at the Palace of Culture in Kiev in the hope of winning the remaining three empty places at next week’s grand final.

A 50/50 jury/televote split gave the nod to Anna Maria, Kazka and Freedom Jazz. Here’s how things looked at the end of another epic length show.

ArtistSongJuryTelevote (SMS) / AppTelevote (SMS) / AppTotalPlace
Ivan Navi"All for the Love"411,64%486
Anna Maria"My Road"516,73%7122
Kira Mazur"Dykhaty"14,05%128
Laud"2 dni"68,11%394
Freedom Jazz"Cupidon"825,64%8161