We have a result in Ukraine….


The Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest national selection show Vidbir certainly hasn’t disappointed anyone who likes their television batshit crazy.

NTU and STB certainly found twelve very different slices of life from all over Ukraine for the final staged at the Kiev Palace of Culture.

The final was, predictably, mental with rock and veganism, ballads and aquaman all thrown together in a massive melting pot. The result  (a 50/50 televote and jury) worked out like this:

Vidbir 2020 Result

VeganJerry Heil1126
HorizonDavid Axelrod3255
Call for loveKhayat4593

Go_A is a Ukrainian music band that combines authentic Ukrainian vocals, modern dance bits, African drums and powerful guitar vibes into an explosive musical mixture.

Image Credits: UA:PBC/Anastasiia Mantach.