Eugent Bushpepa
Eugent gives the camera face time

Iceland have been delayed by a car crash they have not been involved in (Ironic, given on stage they will be involved in one of their own making) ... and so, we plough on to Albania.

On Monday, Eugent was in third gear and was clearly going through the motions. This time round he's moved it up one. There seems to be no change to how the backing singers are arranged in a semi circle behind him, and he knows where the cameras are, so watching the rehearsals in the viewing room has paid off.

'Mall' now has a brilliant lighting effect about two minutes in that starts on him, and then shoots out to the rest of the group. This looks and sounds proper. He's hit all the notes, and when he hits first gear this is going to fly up the scoreboard.

Is this qualifying? - oh HELL FIRE YES.

Press conference

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.


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